Happy Lunar New Year!

I am a Spinal Flow Therapist based in Phillip Island and I offer the Spinal Flow Teqhnique.

The Spinal Flow Technique is a holistic and gentle alternative to traditional chiropractic care.

Developed by a highly regarded Chiropractor, Spinal Flow is a tonal technique that focuses on reducing stress and tension in the spinal cord and nervous system. It is a powerful, yet gentle modality that facilitates healing via the nervous system using your own body’s innate wisdom.

Spinal Flow Technique practitioners can help people experiencing symptoms ranging from pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and more. It is also especially good for children as it is very gentle and relaxing.

Please message me if you have any questions or if you’re a local and just want to say hi and receive more information.

https://linktr.ee/phillipislandskincare phone: 0412 650 606

Anita 🦋

Published by Phillip Island Skincare & Spinal Flow

Anita has been interested in health and wellbeing from a young age. For over twenty years she has practised a number of modalities with great results for those suffering pain, illness and stress. treatments. Anita however saw a gap in massage modalities with the nervous system and the spine. . This took her on an incredible journey to learn the Spinal Flow Technique, and be mentored by the founder Dr Carli Axford. If you are ready to heal physically and emotionally this may be the technique that gets results for you. No pain, no manipulations, support and coaching alongside your treatments customised to your personal needs. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. I would love to help you!

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