your sessions are designed to enhance your health and wellbeing concerns and aspirations specifically for you

spinal flow technique

Spinal Flow is a technique that is designed to help enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.
The technique works by releasing blockages on your spinal cord thus enhancing the communication and integrity of your nervous system. Your nervous system is comprised of your brain, spinal cord and all of the nerves that exit from the spinal cord. Nerves connect to organs, glands, muscles, cells and everything in your body! Your nervous system is the grand coordinator, regulator, controller and communicator of everything that occurs inside of you. When your nervous system is healthy and communicating your body can heal. Spinal flow is not intended to cure any symptom or illness, however people often report improvements in physical pains such as headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, digestive upset, skin problems, sleep, blood pressure, anxiety ad depression to name a few. Your first consultation includes assessments and the spinal flow technique addressing your areas of concern.


detox clay or age renewal signature facial

Targeted facial customised to your specific skin type. Includes skin assessment, peel and freshly prepared mask. 


clay renewal body cocoon

The clay renewal body cocoon has been designed to detoxify, purify & balance. Including a body salt scrub & a deep cleansing & detoxifying mask. We then wrap & cocoon you whilst you receive a blissful scalp & foot massage. You will feel cleansed & purified from head to toe!


microdermabrasion & facial

A treatment that gently removes age affected & damaged skin, leaving you with a silky soft smooth complexion. Regular treatments can improve: aged & sun damaged skin,
fine lines & wrinkles, acne & problematic skin, stretch marks & scars. Treatment Includes double cleanse, microdermabrasion, and serum to protects repair and promote cellular turnover. Lovely!


non surgical facelift

This effective treatment is based on Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) that creates a magnetic field. The magnetic field is used in conjunction with personal infused serum treatment that penetrates deep into the skin.

The Micro-current energy sends a low-level current that is similar to the body’s natural current and is like a ‘workout’ for your skin. The treatment will tone and tighten the muscles in your face, leaving you with lifted, glowing, healthy-looking skin with no down time.


aromatherapy massage

based on swedish massage techniques this therapy is designed to sooth and rejuvenate. an aromatherapy blend of your choice also increases the therapeutic benefits of your treatment


aromatherapy consultation

aromatherapy can help to address a number of issues. your session includes your conditions, reasons for seeking aromatherapy, formulation preferences. A blend is then created to address your needs in the form of creams, oils, gels, bath oils or massage oils with high grade pure essential oils. this is at additional cost depending on your needs. anita has been fully trained and has many years experience.

$70.00 opening special $50

therapeutic massage

If you are feeling sluggish or strained you may have muscular aches and pains which can be relieved with therapeutic massage focusing on one or two areas that need attention. treating yourself to a massage is also a wonderful way to take time out for you!



usui reiki healing

anita has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years and uses this beautiful gentle technique daily. anita is a fully certified Master Teacher in the Usui tradition. Your session will focus on your areas of concern, is fully clothed and gentle so perfect for all ages.

raw food & vegan nutrition

do you want to feel fantastic? Consultations are available with recommendations based on your current lifestyle, addressing what YOU want to change. Sessions are designed to realistically pace you towards the outcomes you wish to achieve. You may be suprised at how delicious raw food can be! 

First session includes a comprehensive assessment, meal planning and recipes to suit your individual lifestyle and goals.


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